A Detailed Look at the Yandex Metrika Web analytics Tool

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Yandex Metrika is a free web analytics service for websites as well as ecommerce. Online advertisers can use it to analyze;

- Traffic sources.
- Effectiveness of internet advertising.
- Site conversion and revenue.
- Site audience and user behavior.
- Site visibility and page-load speed.

All the features of Yandex are free, except Target Call which is an amazing component.  The Target Call functionality enables you to examine phone statistics in detail and also to compare the effectiveness of different advertising channels particularly ads, social networks, search engines, and other sources of traffic. In addition, you can analyze offline advertising methods with it! This may include business cards, booklets, outdoor advertising and more.
This feature works in a quite incredible manner. You are issued with a special telephone number for each traffic source that you prefer. You can assign the special number to the traffic source and this number will automatically be displayed on your website instead of the real contact number, for all visitors who come to your site from this source.
Yandex.Metrika will register all calls to the special number and then redirect them to your usual phone number, displaying information about them in the Target Call group of reports.

Other notable features include;

1) Click Map
The feature measures and displays statistics for clicks on your site so you can evaluate the overall usability of your website and also identify the most popular sections.

2) Site Availability Monitoring
This feature sends you a notification via SMS or email whenever your site is down.

3) WebVisor
This is a relatively new technology in web analytics. It allows you to analyze the behavior of site users in more detail than ever before. You can replay user actions just as they occurred “….to see what happens on each page and how users navigate, right down to every keystroke, mouse movement and click.” Isn’t that so incredible? 

Getting Started with Yandex.Metrika

1) Log in
To use Yandex.Metrika, sign in to your Yandex user account. If you don’t have one yet, sign up.

2) Set Up a Counter
Simply move your mouse cursor to the “Add Counter” link and click. A page will open with general counter settings. Implement these settings and move to the next step. Pay attention to the following sections:

Counter Code

- This section lets you create a counter code, enable WebVisor and do a lot more. For more info, click the general parameters subsection.

3) Install the counter on your site
In the counter code section, click “copy to clip board”. Insert the code you have created into the HTML code of all your site pages.


Yandex.Metrika is a popular web analytics system with an incredibly simple and completely updated interface. With its vast array of features from Target Call to Click Map, WebVisor to free site availability monitoring, Yandex Metrica remains a powerful digital analytics system that helps you improve the effectiveness of your website.
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