An In-depth Look at WordPress Content Management System

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While it only became popular approximately 3 years ago, WordPress has been around since 2003.This semantic personal publishing platform with attention to aesthetics, web standards, and usability is today considered one of the top content management systems you can obtain free of charge. Whether you want to create a beautiful site, blog, or app, WordPress is your CMS of choice. It offers lots of plugins as well as themes all capable to transform your site or blog into almost anything you can think of.
How to Set Up a WordPress Site

You don’t need to be a programmer or a web designer to be able to set up and maintain a WordPress based site. This is such an easy platform, that you can establish and get it running without any assistance. 

What You will Require

- Domain name-you can easily purchase a domain name online from your vender of choice.
- Hosting-there are several web hosting companies that can also host WordPress-based sites or blogs.

Follow the steps below and have a beautiful WordPress based blog or site in just a few minutes;

- Visit the official installation page and download the installation package for WordPress.

- Upload those files to your server via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which is a standard internet protocol for transmitting files between computers across the Web over TCP or IP connections.

- Once you have done so, set up a MySQL database and assign a user to it with no restrictions. MySQL database is simply a place where you can store all the data that your blog or site could ever need. Don’t forget to note down the database name, username as well as password because you will require them for the installation process.

- Go ahead with the installation process. Assuming you’ve successfully uploaded WordPress in your public html directory, enter your domain name in your preferred browser. A message will appear, informing you that you do not have a wp-config.php file and that you should create one. Simply click on the “Create a Configuration File” button.

A 2nd page will open up and you will notice a message asking you to prepare the required information for the installation. There is really no need to bother with this, just hit the “Let’s Go” button 

A 3rd page will pop up. Insert the details for your newly created MySQL database and click to submit. The program (WordPress) will then check if your settings are correct. 

If everything is satisfactory, you will see a confirmation screen. Proceed by hitting the “Run the installation” button. The final page will open up. Fill in the details and your installation shall be complete!


WordPress offers a great platform for building websites or blogs. It's powerful, versatile and use-friendly. Creating a blog or a website, and maintaining it is a science that anyone can master, all thanks to this incredible tool. Why not put what you have learned here to test today?
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