Recommendations to Size Tap Targets Properly

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When it comes to page insights, size tapping targets is a concept you can’t overlook. In order to optimize page performance, it’s importance to size tap targets properly. With some simple tips, you can achieve great results without any hassles. Unfortunately, most developers don’t focus on this aspect, and fail to generate a good amount of leads. 

It’s important to understand that too small or tightly packed buttons or links are more difficult for most users to press on a touchscreen than a conventional mouse cursor. In order to prevent users from getting frustrated by the accidental hitting of wrong buttons, tap targets should be sufficiently large. In addition to this, they should be far from other targets that a user may press without the finger pad overlapping them. 

According to reports, the average size of an adult finger pad is 10 mm wide. This is less than half an inch. According to the Android UI guidelines, the recommended tap target size is at least 48 CSS pixels or 7 mm on a website with a mobile viewport. In order to help you optimize performance, we’ve given some important recommendations that may help out.

Important Recommendations

It’s worth mentioning that the most important tap targets on a website are the ones visitors use more often. You need to make sure they are large enough to be pressed without any hassles. They should be at least 48 CSS pixels wide/tall. You also need to make sure the viewport has been configured properly. 

Less frequently used links may be smaller. However, they should have appropriate spacing between them and different links. This makes sure a 10 mm finger pad won’t accidentally press different links at once. 

While browsing the website, users shouldn’t have to zoom in or rely on different browser UI features to disambiguate finger taps, such as Google Chrome’s popup magnifying glass. They should be able to reliably and easily press the desired link or button without any hassles. 

Important Tap Targets Should Be Large Enough 

This important recommendation applies to the tap targets website visitors use the most. These may include search bars, buttons for frequently used actions and various other important areas of the web page. Such tap targets need to be at least 48 CSS pixels or 7 mm. Once again, your viewport should have been configured properly. These tap targets should also have extra spacing around them, in case they are smaller than 7 mm. 

Keep Additional Spacing Between Smaller Tap Targets 

On most websites, infrequently-used buttons or links tend to be smaller than 7 mm or the recommended size. However, there shouldn’t be any other tap targets within 32 CSS pixels or 5 mm, both vertically and horizontally. This makes sure a user’s finger does not press on multiple targets. 

In order to get a better idea about different sizes and spacing for tap targets, you should browse for more information on the Internet. Before you start development, you should have clarity about these concepts. You may also seek help from experts in the field or hire professionals to help you with development.
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