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Website analysis is a significant method in ecommerce that you can use to determine the elements on your site which are bearing results and those that require some improvement when it comes to lead generation. This approach gives you the information you need to make a few adjustments and then reevaluate the effectiveness of those non-productive elements in your online marketing campaigns. Website analysis can be carried out using smart tools like Yahoo! Web Analytics and more.

An In-Depth Look at Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics is possibly the most reliable Web analytics tool out there today. You can use this incredible resource from Yahoo to get valuable insights regarding online visitor behavior, traffic sources, the progress of your online marketing campaigns and more. 

It uses cookies and “web bugs” to collect data about online visitors. This information is then sent to Yahoo so that Yahoo can better evaluate your site and report statistical information. (A web bug is basically a program designed to keep track of visitors’ navigation through a single website or a series of websites).

Information collected about your site visitors usually includes; IP addresses, time spent on your web pages, and actions performed on those pages whether it be advertisements viewed or links clicked. Your visitors’ personal data like name, age, or phone contacts are however excluded. 

One of the most amazing things about Yahoo! Web Analytics is the fact that it collects as well as presents data in real time! You are always updated about what’s happening on your website, which is great for ecommerce.

How to Get Started with Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web analytics tool is freely available for online entrepreneurs with a Yahoo account. There are 2 accounts for this category of users;

1) Small Business Standard Account.
2) Professional Merchant Account.

Suppose you are using Store Editor;

1) Log in to your Store Manager.
2) In the Statistics column, locate the Yahoo Web Analytics section and click the "Get Started" link.
3) Read and accept the Terms of Service. Once you’ve done so, you will be redirected to the Yahoo Web Analytics enable page.
4) Click the "Enable Analytics Tracking" button and confirm that you want to enable Yahoo Web Analytics for your store pages as well as checkout pages built in Store Editor.


1) Executive Analytic Dashboards.
2) PPC campaign management.
3) Valuable visitor behavioral reports.
4) Visitor Demographic reports.
5) Real-Time data collection.

Are you ready to get started with this smart website-analysis tool from Yahoo? If so, simply follow the above steps and you are good to go! After you have set up the application, it will run on its own and requires no manual alterations, even though you can change the account settings whenever you wish.


Yahoo! Web Analytics not only helps you track the progress of your website, but also gives you lots of valuable insights as to how your competitors’ sites are doing. This smart website analysis tool allows you to analyze how much your website is being discussed in social media platforms, whether it is search-engine friendly as well as its demographic popularity.
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