Yahoo Advertising Overview

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Yahoo Advertising Overview

At present, the key to the success of any business is having a great online presence! The secret actually lies with the Web. Just like the other search engines, Yahoo does offer various online promotion programs that can be quite beneficial to small and large businesses alike. 

Yahoo! advertising provides a complete range of desktop-friendly, mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly online display ad formats. Yahoo allows you to target your display ads demographically, geographically, as well as within particular content network placements. Their demographic targeting is based upon predefined age groups as well as the gender of the users. Yahoo’s geographical targeting lets you define your audience depending on their geographic location (state or zip codes may be used to help target audience). This can be beneficial not only if you have an online store, but also if you have established a physical branch somewhere. This is because users will see your banner ad and notice that your storefront is actually located not very far from where they are and thus they will be encouraged to pay you a visit. 

Taking advantage of this incredible advertising platform is a perfect means of promoting your products or services to a global audience. Yahoo is one of the most visited homepages on the Web, with approximately 36 million visitors each day! So running your advertising campaign through them means you are going to reach out to millions of consumers on a daily basis. Does this sound perfect for your business? 

How to Sign Up for Yahoo! Advertising 

When you want to promote your products or services with Yahoo, first you have to sign up for banner ad advertising. Then choose Yahoo! advertising as the Yahoo network where you would like to have your custom web banner run on, and you are good to go! 

Ad Specs

Yahoo offers an extensive array of banner spec options depending on their networks. To determine what size of a custom banner ad is suitable for your advertising campaign, you should first decide which network you would like your ad to run on. Each network offers specific ad sizes. In our case, the network we are interested in is Yahoo! advertising. For more information about the ad specs offered on this advertising platform, be sure to visit the official yahoo site or to speak to their representative.

Benefits of Running Your Banner Ads on Yahoo! Advertising

1) Pay per click with Yahoo does not cost as much as with other advertising platforms from other companies.
2) Yahoo! advertising offers demographic advantages as had been explained earlier on.
3) Yahoo allows its users to import campaigns from other advertising platforms from other companies.
4) Yahoo representatives are available 24/7 to assist customers.


Although there are a number of platforms where you can promote your products or services online, Yahoo offers a lot more benefits than all of them. Providing innovative ad solutions to meet your marketing goals, Yahoo! Advertising is truly the key to establishing a successful brand whether online or physical.
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