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BACKINGSOO Terms and Conditions
Your use of BACKINGSOO is subject to our terms and conditions (T&C). By using this website, you totally agree to our simple and reasonable T&C. You are prohibited from using this website if you have any dissatisfaction with the provisions.

1) Age
This website is only meant for persons of 18 years and above. By accepting our terms and conditions and proceeding to use the site, you agree that you are not less than 18 years old.

2) Permissions
You are given permission to view or download files for caching purposes only. You are also permitted to print any collection from this website for your own personal use, according to the provisions of these terms and conditions.

Take note that unless it’s stated otherwise, this website reserves all the intellectual property rights as well as materials on it, subject to the provisions below;
You are prohibited from;

  • Copying, duplicating, reproducing, modifying or otherwise exploiting material on this site in an attempt to make cash.
  • Republishing content from this website without first obtaining a written consent from us.
  • Redistributing material from this site except for content that is specifically and expressly offered for redistribution.

3) You are not allowed To Lease or Sell Sub-license Materials from BACKINGSOO
You are prohibited from;

  • Displaying any material from this website in public without a written consent.
  • Using this website to copy, utilize, store, publish, pass on, send or distribute any material which contains any malicious program whether it be computer virus, spyware or anything else.
  • Utilizing this website in any manner that could hinder its availability or accessibility or damage it. Also, do not utilize the site in any way that is illegal, or harmful to other users.
  • Carrying out any automated or organized data collection activities such as data mining, data extraction or web scraping without our express written consent.
  • Using this website to transmit unsolicited commercial information.
  • Utilizing this site for any marketing purposes without our express written consent.

4) Access

  • You don’t have a right to access every area of this site; certain areas are off limits. We have got the right to restrict access to particular areas of this website, or even the entire website.
  • If we issue you with a user ID and password or access code such that you can gain access to areas of this site that are restricted to the general public, you must make sure to keep the log-in details confidential.
  • BACKINGSOO may revoke your user ID and/or password without giving you a prior notice should we determine that it is necessary to do so.

5) User content

  • This website safeguards your personal data including your full name as well as contact information as provided in our policy.
  • In these terms and conditions, your user content refers to materials (including text, image, audio, video as audio-visual files) that you submit to this site, for whatever purpose. However any information that’s personally identifiable like your full name, address and more is excluded as stipulated in our Privacy Policy.
  • You grant BACKINGSOO an inclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use, modify, reproduce, publish, translate or distribute your user content in any current or future media formats. You also authorize BACKINGSOO legally to sub-license these rights and take action against you when you violate these rights.
  • BACKINGSOO strictly forbids 3 kinds of user content;
    • Unlawful user content.
    • User content that violates another person’s legal rights.
    • User content that may bring about legal action whether against you or another person or the company.
  • Also, it is a violation of our terms and conditions to submit any user content which is or has ever been the subject of any actual or possible legal proceedings.
  • This website has got the right to edit or get rid of any material submitted to it, or stored on its servers, or published on it.
  • Irrespective of the provisions under these Terms and Conditions governing user content, BACKINGSOO does not guarantee to keep track of the submission of user content to it, or the publication of such content on it.


  • BACKINGSOO does not guarantee that it will constantly be available, or that the information on it will always be true, correct, comprehensive, and not misleading.

BACKINGSOO will not be liable to its clients under any law, in respect to the use of contents that it provides or anything that is related to the site to the extent that it is provided free-of-charge, for any;

  • Direct loss.
  • Business losses be it loss of income, profits,contracts, revenue, or anything else.
  • Indirect or consequential or special loss.

Users need to note that these limitations of liability apply even if BACKINGSOO was made aware of the possible loss.

By using this website, you agree to the (T & C)s in respect to exclusions and limitations of liability. You admit that all the provisions are reasonable.

Other parties
You agree that; as a limited liability company, BACKINGSOO has the right to minimize the personal liability of its staff.

  • You will not lay any claim personally against its staff for any losses you may incur as a result of using the service.
  • The limitations of liability and warranties stipulated in these terms and conditions will protect BACKINGSOO’s staff, stakeholders and other concerned parties.